In 2012, Bungalow Pros was chosen to be part of the Design Team for the adaptive re-use of the former Fort Atkinson Mason’s Lodge to become the Fort Atkinson Club Community Center. Four teams were interviewed for the project, and Kessenich’s was chosen unanimously. Ron Siggelkow, Project Architect and Historic Specialist said, “We are delighted to join this historical and civic project. Our expertise aligns with the goal to put this building back into service for Fort Atkinson.” Kessenich was responsible for selecting all of the interior finishes, including paint, tile and resilient flooring, lighting fixtures, cabinetry hardware and all of the furnishings and signage. She also worked closely with the board and the kitchen equipment supplier on two commercial kitchens. Since she is a resident of Fort Atkinson, the construction team relied on her to have input on decisions that normally would go to the architect, like exterior paint colors, exterior lighting, and finishes on the doors and window details. “We were very lucky to have a number of talented companies to choose from.” said Joan Jones, Rock River Heritage Inc board chair. “We chose this team because of their experience with similar historical and rehabilitation projects and the inclusion of local professionals as a part of their team.”